My poor Ally!

My adorable long haired tabby, Ally is a little over a year old now. She has had fleas since she was born ( we rescued her from an infested home). We tried several medications, such as Frontline, sentry, ect.. so my friend recommended a flea collar. We went out and got her the white rubber flea and tick collar. In the first few days it helped a bit so I decided to leave it be. Today I found a very disturbing side effect of this horrible collar. She has had it on for about a week. I noticed some rough hair around the edges of the collar and immediately ripped it off. All the hair on the bottom and sides of her neck was just completely raw. I freaked out and put neosporin and gauze on it . Then I found the terrible reviews on the Internet! Very, very disappointed. Will definitely be doing searches before I purchase flea&tick items again.

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