Hartz caused extensive nerve damage to our dog

As a preventative measure, we bought Hartz brand flea and tick gel and as directed, placed it our dog. Since then, he scratches himself constantly, bites at imaginary things, yips and barks while jumping and twitching. He’s always panting heavily and won’t sleep. He’s scratched his ears so much that he’s almost punctured a hole in his ear. He’s licked himself in different places on his body that he’s worn his hair off and caused rashes. Our Vet says there is no cure… and to give the dog small doses of Benadryl. Without it the dog is in constant misery and he is getting worse. I’m not one to sue people but in this case, I’m considering it. The poor pet is in constant pain and misery. We’re considering putting him down… just to ease his pain.

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