This stuff is terrible. Shouldn’t be sold anymore!!!

I adopted a new cat and noticed she was scratching a lot. I got the harts flea drops and put it on her, immediately she went and hid. I thought she was just mad I had put something on her, but the rest of the night she was very standoffish. The next morning I noticed she was still acting weird, and when she scratched a BUNCH of hair came off. I looked up the medicine and saw the terrible things online, immediately I washed it off and called the vet. Thankfully the vet said she was going to be ok. He also said they Do Not recommend hartz brand whatsoever. Since then her hair has stopped falling out but she is left with big bald spot on her neck from the flea stuff. I’m hoping she will be fine. And from the things I’ve seen online she was lucky, compared to some other animals. It is appalling that they are allowed to sell this dangerous product in store. I guess all I can do is spread the word,and hope it can help other people from buying this.

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  1. The EXACT same thing happened to our cat, from initial reaction of cat (hiding) to timeline (evening application – morning burns & hair loss) to your actions the following Am (wash, rinse A LOT & called vet). We’ve used Frontline Plus topical for years with no problems but change in budget made me consider this product. Never again will I trust anything from this irresponsible company. As guilty as I feel for my part, I’m disgusted this product is on shelves as these reactions on our pets are clearly not uncommon. Hartz Mountain Corp, shame on you!

  2. Thank you for posting – When I put this on my cat, he started taking convulsions and I took him to the emergency Vet. They gave him a bath and kept him for a while and he was okay. Hartz did reimburse me for the Vet visit. I can’t believe they still sell this.

    1. Put it on shoulders of my precious white cat, only 2 years old! Horriffic to see her go into CONVUlSIONS! What grief this caused ! terrible product!!

    2. i spent last night at the pet emergency center when i put Hartz ultra gaurd pro drops on my cat that i adopted a few weeks ago..he scratched and spread the drops to where he could lick said he had very red skin where it was applied and they bathed him for me and gave me probiotics for his stomache The vet says they see twitching and seizures alot from hartz and other over the counter treatmentsecause he was vomitting and diahrea..if i hadnt gotten him there quickly as i did..he could have had permanant nuralogical problems

  3. This medication is also APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE BY THE FDA for multiple applications. Seizures also occur in humans from this medication and many others. They occur in significantly less than 1% of people and pets. Mostly they are helpful and effective. I’m sorry that you and your pet were so unfortunate. That’s no excuse for a grown person to act like a histerical idiot and make a blanket condemnation of a treatment for parasites that is so helpful to over 99% of the suffering animals who need it. That is an incredibly selfish egocentric way to view the world. Your emotions shouldn’t override rational thought. Grow up. Bad things happen sometimes. It isn’t always someone’s fault. This website is a union of selfish people incapable of accepting that sometimes you are the unlucky one. Bad things don’t just happen to someone else. They happen to you all too. I lost a dog I’d had for 12 years because of a med to help her incontinence. Not even necessary. She had a massive seizure and I had to have her put down. I was miserable and racked with guilt. Still am. I looked into it and found that that is an extremely rare side effect and so I moved on. That’s what you do. Get it together, live in the real world. Pets don’t outlive owners.

    To put it in perspective: 2 dogs died from tainted food before the companies and retailers began moving towards total recall of multiple brands from multiple factories on a national scale. Why do you all think that Hartz wouldn’t have the same response after so many deaths. The risks of antiparasitic drugs are well known. You took that risk whether or not you properly researched it. It is no secret.

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