Hartz Flea And Tick Nearly killed my Husky!

It was Canada Day weekend, up here in Ontario.
We were planning a small camping trip, but we heard about the ticks being bad this year where we were going.

In a pinch we use the Hartz Flea and Tick when we can’t make it to the vet to get our usual stuff.
We’ve used it in the past. So we thought it was trusted.
That really wasn’t the case.

About 12 hours after giving the dose to my 1 year old husky he started to act really ‘off’ I thought it was the long drive to the camp grounds and he was a little car sick. so i figured he would be fine if he slept it off.

The next morning he still seemed a little off, but we went for a walk. He wasn’t his normal self. Really Lethargic.
I let him be for a bit to get some sleep, but he wouldn’t eat or drink. So at that point i knew something was up!
I took him for another walk to get him moving about halfway in our walk he just had no energy to walk anymore. I picked him up and ran back to the campsite.

When i got back i turned my car on, cranked the A/C, and started calling vets in the area. I managed to get ahold of a emergency clinic about 20 minutes away, i rushed him to the clinic.

While i was in there talking to the vet about if he got into something or anything then it clicked in to me! The Flea and Tick ointment. I mentioned that to him, and he told me that wasn’t good, he immediately took him in the back for some examinations. Came back told me theres some neurological stuff going on from him being poisoned by the ointment.

They had immediately started with a decontamination bath then and IV to follow to hydrate him.
The vet came back, and told me he sees dogs and cats in the clinic all the time with this, and told me about the ointment. It turns out it’s a Pesticide. It’s also highly toxic to dogs, and cats.

Luka had to stay overnight, and he made a full recovery.

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