My 5 month old kittens were hospitalized

DO NOT USE HARTZ BRAND FOR ANYTHING. I stopped at petsmart for some stuff yesterday and picked up the Hartz flea drops for my two kittens. Immediately after applying both of them became extremely lethargic and twitchy. One of them lost control of her limb movement and began digging into my mattress and then collapsing off/on. I immediately called my vet, who urged me to wash it off and take them to the nearest vet hospital. There they told me they were both showing severe pre-seizure behavior and were high-risk and had to be treated (given meds and an IV to filter the Hartz out) and kept overnight. Thank god my babies are ok to come home today, but I don’t know what I would have done had it escalated and I wasn’t paying attention. Hartz is poison and I am so beyond angry that it is still on trusted shelves, and that when I asked an employee at the pet store about it they were uneducated. I am a 21 year old student and now because of this company my kittens are sick and I’m thousands of dollars in debt to the vet.

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