Almost killed my cat

I noticed that my cat had fleas earlier this morning, so I went out to get some flea medication. I couldn’t afford the more expensive stuff, so I settled for Hartz. After about 10 minutes, my cats starts running around and meowing, and completely avoiding me and hiding, which is completely different from her usual behavior. She started panting, and I decided to take her to the vets. They explained that this is unfortunately a typical reaction for this brand. I have never been more distressed than when I thought I was gonna lose my kitty. Please, if you love your pets, don’t use this poison on them.

Reaction Only second time around

My husband and I noticed fleas on our pets (2 dogs, one cat) and immediately went out to get some flea treatment. Hartz was all they had at the time so that’s what we brought home. The first application went smoothly for all three animals. The second application I applied this morning; both dogs took it fine, but now the cat is shaking, twitching, running away from us and hiding (which is unlike her normal social/snuggly self). My husband is giving her a warm bath now as I write this and next time I’ll make sure to check around at other stores before ever settling for this poison again.

attorney in the house??

I Put this crap ( Sergeants) on my two small shitzu/ poodle cross dogs. Both had a reaction but one had far more severe reaction. It has been five days (three with benadryl) and he is still going crazy!!. Shaking his head, itching uncontrollably, panting, so agitated and anxious. He looks at me and begs to make it stop. I am sick about this! How in the world is it even possible that this product is still on the shelf?? People have been posting on this site for years and not one single attorney has come forward to take these cases to court? I finally called the vet today after trying the dawn and benadryl. I think it has helped but not nearly enough.

Hartz made my little Dante sick

Dante is a very active 8 year old Long Haired Chihuahua. I gave him a bath one morning and later in the day my little Dante wouldn’t walk at all. He refused to go outside or play. Every time I tries to stand him up he just fell back down. He tried to vomit a few times but nothing came up and he wouldn’t eat. Also, Dante was scratching and seem to be sneezing. I called the vet and was told to give him benedryl and just monitor him for 24 hours unless he gets worse. Then bring him in immediately. I was so worried. I went online looking for answer and found an article about the dangers of using Hartz products. I immediately rewashed Dante using his regular shampoo. After 24 hour Dante started to move around little by little. He would only eat a soft food. He did this for two days. It took almost a week for Dante to recover. I will never use Hartz products again.

Cat died 6 hours after Hartz bath fleas and ticks still alive

This morning before work I gave my cat a nice bath with Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo. My cat was normal after the bath I did not think anything was wrong at all so I went to work. By the time I got off at 2 he was motionless in his bed staring into space. I then picked him up and instantly put him back into the bath tub. Proceeding to wash him with baby shampoo. I then got him out cuddled him in a towel, dried his fur(on cool), after he seemed to open his eyes more still laying in my lap on the towel I noticed he was still limp and started using the restroom on himself.. 30 minutes later he completely felt like a rag doll not even able to hold his own head up. He then stopped meowing, used the restroom both ways on his self one last time and was gone. So upset over this right now. Last night he was fine cuddled in bed with us. If I would have never used this product my cat would still be alive and well! Not to mention fleas were still in his skin and crawling around him at the time he died! A shampoo that will kill your pet instead of the pest it’s advertised for. This company should be sued and shut down!!!

If your animal was harmed by flea or tick medicine please read!

I studied Regulatory Compliance in Bio-manufacturing and all pet medicines and flea medicines are monitored and approved by the FDA or EPA. This is so wrong and so illegal. You guys MUST report these deaths or adverse reactions to the FDA’s or EPA’s website. Copy and paste this link into your browser to see which approval your medicine had :

Or to request a report form by mail call 1-888-FDA-VETS

Call Peta 757-622-7382 They will never turn a blind eye to the negligence of animals, they will listen and do something.

Or contact the National pesticide information center (800) 752-6255

It’s so quick and simple. PLEASE report this to somewhere other than random websites and Youtube. The FDA and EPA will investigate after enough reports and they will remove these products from the market and no cats or dogs will have to die because they had a few fleas.

Hartz Flea Collar is POISONIOUS

My coworker one day said that she noticed a couple of fleas on her dog. Well since I just helped her dog sit for him while she was out of town, it of course made me nervous since I have a dog child as well. She recommended in the past, that she used Hartz flea collar to help her dog so of course, I said it couldn’t hurt as a precaution for mine. Boy was I freakin wrong! I put it on Tank late in the afternoon during my lunch, then went back to work. I came home later that night & noticed his were a little glossy but nothing unusual. Then we went to bed he seemed to have been super exhausted & knocked out. Super unusual when my dog is always alert when I mention his name. That’s when at 4:17 am, he wakes up walks into the bathroom but he starts to walk in circles & starts to stares off into mid air. He seemed lethargic. While he would kind of pace around in the room, his back legs would kind of drag and that’s when I knew something was DEFINITELY wrong! The only thing I could think of that was different was the Hartz Flea Collar that I bought for him. I went online to look up the side effects and that is when I came across all of the horrific stories about Hartz products. I immediately rinsed Tank with water since I did not want to walk my boyfriend up before he was to work but I will definitely bathe him with Dawn dish soap. Tank is asleep now. Tank is my fur child. He is blessed in many ways that unfortunately some dogs are not so when something like this happens, it is very infuriating! I wish I had done my research beforehand.

Worst Product Ever

All three of my cats started having bad reactions to it within 10 minutes of application. They appeared to itch and be in discomfort at the site of application. My cats were also twitching/having muscle spasms around the site of application. I’ve never been so worried. I will never buy this poison again. I’d rather keep my cats indoors than risk giving them something like this. I don’t know how it can possibly be legal for stores to sell this stuff. I washed it right off my cats as soon as they started reacting badly. I’m going to wash them again later this evening and hope that I’ve gotten most of that poison off them. It’s even more horrifying to see how many other pet owners have had issues with this product. As I said, I don’t understand how it is even legal for stores to sell this product to unsuspecting pet owners.

Cat died from Hartz poison

This happened back in the early 90’s. My daughter’s cat Patches had some fleas so we bought a flea bath from Hartz. The next morning she was hiding behind the couch and we tried to get her to come out and she ran under the bed. She was afraid of us it seemed. She would growl and take off running. She also went blind and started running into walls. She finally calmed down a little and we caught her and took her to the vet. They told us she was poisoned and there was nothing they could do for her. Apparently she was too far gone. We took her home hoping she would improve but she only got worse. We took her back the next morning to have her put down.