Do NOT use Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray on my healthy happy 9 month cat two days ago,
I followed the instructions to a tee..
The next morning my cat was hiding and not touching her water or food (which is not like her)
It is now day two and she hasn’t moved from the chair I put her in, still hasn’t touched her water or food and is using the bathroom on herself (bloody diarrhea).
I live in a small little town and the vet only comes on Tuesday.. the nearest open vet is almost a 5 hour drive and I don’t drive.
I’ve washed her with Dawn soap and have been forcing fluids with a medicine Doppler but I don’t know what else to do.. any suggestions? my young children are so upset about their kitty.
I will get here to the vet first thing Tuesday morning, Hoping she lives that long.

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    Your cat is having an adverse event to the flea medication and was likely poisoned by the product. She needs immediate vet care. Can you take public transportation to get her the help she needs? You’ve done the right thing by bathing her in hand dishwashing detergent, according to

    Her situation is urgent.

    Activated charcoal helps mop up the poison in her system.
    Cat will need to get to the vet so they can administer an IV to prevent dehydration.

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