Hartz Toxicity is Killing my Little Kitty

My husband and I noticed our pets had fleas so we picked up some Hartz products. One flea collar each for the two cats, drops for the dogs and for the cats, and carpet and furniture spray for the house. I applied the drops on all the pets and sprayed the house down as directed. The next day, I put the collars on the cats.

I noticed Little Kitty (named so for her stature and not her age) was acting a bit weird, but I chalked it up to her getting used to the smell of the collar. Fast forward one week of progressing lethargy and now three days with no food or water and inability to urinate. I then noticed that there were hundreds of fleas under her thick fur.

I brought her to the vet on the first day of her being unable to eat and rapidly becoming less responsive. The vet asked me what kind of collar it was and when I told her she immediately went back and cut it off of her. She then told me that Hartz products are widely known to Vets to be highly toxic and that they see many pets fall gravely ill because of the collars, sprays, and drops. I never imagined it could have been the toxicity of the product that was made specifically for the pet I used it on.

She has had IV liquids, steroids, vitamins, antibiotics, Capstar, Revolution, and so many other things done for her in the last two days to try to save her, but now she has a low body temp and low blood pressure along with anemia from all the flea bites. She is not responding to treatment and if she shows no response by tomorrow morning, I am going to lose my beautiful, talkative, prissy Little Kitty forever.

Hartz is poison.

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  1. I used Hartz Ultra Gaurd Flea &tick shampoo and it ate my dogs skin. She was oozing and bleeding. I had to gently wash the spots with dawn dish soap and put antibiotic cream on it plus give her benadryl… its finally starting to heal but this stuff is poison and lethal to animals. SHAM ON YOU HARTZ!

  2. I had to have her euthanized a day after this post. It got so bad that she went into shock and her lungs began to fill with fluid. I miss Little Kitty so bad.

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