Flea drops by hartz killed my boston terrier in 5 days

I had a Boston terrier for 8 years until June 13 2016 five days before she had a flea or two and got her some drops put it on her like direction saies and she started acting different and couldn’t hardly walk wouldn’t stop vomiting or diarrhea and we live in small town and had to take her to another town and it being a weekend too by time Monday morning got here she was gone within minutes from vets. Office and nothing they could do so I paid a company 20 to kill my dog when I wanted to kill fleas not my baby I have researched andd seen since 2002 they have had at least 1 death every month of every year but in 2015 only had five months where they didn’t have a dog or cat killed by that poison they claim to be flea medicine I just pray no one else goes thru what I had to seeing my baby and couldn’t do a thing and knowing she died a awful death by bleeding out only had half pint blood and that was all in her lungs where she more less drown so thanks hartz what a wonderful name to have I guess because y’all don’t have a heart got to have it in thd box cause yall been killing our dogs and cats for years now and seem not to care
One question does the owners use their own product on their dogs? I think not if so they wouldn’t have any

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