If your animal was harmed by flea or tick medicine please read!

I studied Regulatory Compliance in Bio-manufacturing and all pet medicines and flea medicines are monitored and approved by the FDA or EPA. This is so wrong and so illegal. You guys MUST report these deaths or adverse reactions to the FDA’s or EPA’s website. Copy and paste this link into your browser to see which approval your medicine had :


Or to request a report form by mail call 1-888-FDA-VETS

Call Peta 757-622-7382 They will never turn a blind eye to the negligence of animals, they will listen and do something.

Or contact the National pesticide information center (800) 752-6255

It’s so quick and simple. PLEASE report this to somewhere other than random websites and Youtube. The FDA and EPA will investigate after enough reports and they will remove these products from the market and no cats or dogs will have to die because they had a few fleas.

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  1. wrong they will not do anything I found out what the epa does . when hartz has too many complaints they change the package and the complaints reset to 0 all epa does is put your file and kick the door shut aaaannnd done I lost my husky in 2 days I had 2 huskeys kia and timber kia was 60 lbs timber was 85 lbs I used the 60 lbs drops on him I did not overdose I under dosed rest in piece buddy

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