Cat died 6 hours after Hartz bath fleas and ticks still alive

This morning before work I gave my cat a nice bath with Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo. My cat was normal after the bath I did not think anything was wrong at all so I went to work. By the time I got off at 2 he was motionless in his bed staring into space. I then picked him up and instantly put him back into the bath tub. Proceeding to wash him with baby shampoo. I then got him out cuddled him in a towel, dried his fur(on cool), after he seemed to open his eyes more still laying in my lap on the towel I noticed he was still limp and started using the restroom on himself.. 30 minutes later he completely felt like a rag doll not even able to hold his own head up. He then stopped meowing, used the restroom both ways on his self one last time and was gone. So upset over this right now. Last night he was fine cuddled in bed with us. If I would have never used this product my cat would still be alive and well! Not to mention fleas were still in his skin and crawling around him at the time he died! A shampoo that will kill your pet instead of the pest it’s advertised for. This company should be sued and shut down!!!

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  1. Just would like to know why nothing we have been accomplished by posting. This crap is still on the market. Maybe I’m just wondering. Other than this group I have never seen anything by Hartz or Sargeant being taking off the market. They have changed the packaging but apparently not the poison itself. I have been in places and watched people trying to pick out a flea and now a tick preventive and have told them to go to the site but please don’t buy this stuff. If the animal has a reaction the cost will be much more than getting flea and tick prevention from a vet.

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