Hartz Flea Collar is POISONIOUS

My coworker one day said that she noticed a couple of fleas on her dog. Well since I just helped her dog sit for him while she was out of town, it of course made me nervous since I have a dog child as well. She recommended in the past, that she used Hartz flea collar to help her dog so of course, I said it couldn’t hurt as a precaution for mine. Boy was I freakin wrong! I put it on Tank late in the afternoon during my lunch, then went back to work. I came home later that night & noticed his were a little glossy but nothing unusual. Then we went to bed he seemed to have been super exhausted & knocked out. Super unusual when my dog is always alert when I mention his name. That’s when at 4:17 am, he wakes up walks into the bathroom but he starts to walk in circles & starts to stares off into mid air. He seemed lethargic. While he would kind of pace around in the room, his back legs would kind of drag and that’s when I knew something was DEFINITELY wrong! The only thing I could think of that was different was the Hartz Flea Collar that I bought for him. I went online to look up the side effects and that is when I came across all of the horrific stories about Hartz products. I immediately rinsed Tank with water since I did not want to walk my boyfriend up before he was to work but I will definitely bathe him with Dawn dish soap. Tank is asleep now. Tank is my fur child. He is blessed in many ways that unfortunately some dogs are not so when something like this happens, it is very infuriating! I wish I had done my research beforehand.

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