My poor kitty

I noticed fleas on my newly adopted cat. I ran to the store because I couldn’t stand to think of her itching. I could not afford the 35 for the advantage at the time so I bought the Hartz. I came home and applied the liquid as directed, it seemed like way too much product for my cat. She didn’t like it and stayed to herself for the next few days until the product dried. I then noticed her shaking, kind of spasming. She was also doing something weird with her feet. I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together until a few days ago when I was snuggling with her and noticed several bloody spots under her flea collar (also Hartz). I started to research and discovered my cat had been one of the many victims of poisoning by Hartz products. I wanted to cry. I immediately took the collar off and I have been rubbing her down with a wet wash cloth. She’s happier already and sores are starting to heal. She could have died! Never ever use Hartz products! Spend the money on the more expensive and safer brands or find a natural alternative.

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