my chinese crested had a seizure

So today I woke up to my dog wanting to throw up after she threw up I picked up to lay her on my chest out 9th no where so made the most horrible sound I’ve ever heard. She peed on my and then looked confused and stretched out. I payed her in bed petting her and tell in ghee she would be okay in a calming voice. Her eyes were wide open and she looked very confused. It lasted about a minute or less. She layer in bed tired she didn’t want to move and I was confused in to why she had one months before this our other chinses crested had one too. And now it makes since the time they had this happen they had baths 2 days before they had the seizures. I WILL NEVER BUY THERE CRAP EVER AGAIN! AND I WILL WARN OTHERS ABOUT THIS POISON THEY MAKE US BELIEVE IS OKAY FOR THEM TO USE

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