Hartz Flea and Tick Powder sent my precious puppy to the ER

Last night at around 9 pm I treated my 5 month old German shepherd puppy with the Hartz flea and tick powder after finding his first tick on him. In the morning he didn’t finish his breakfast, then at lunch he wouldn’t eat at all. At five he started vomiting and could not keep any water down. He would drink and immediately throw up. Then he started shaking and I knew at that point what it must be…. The Hartz. I bathed him twice to get the powder completely off and rushed an hour and a half to the nearest pet hospital. After a full lab count, IV fluids and meds they let me take him to a nearby hotel. I’ll post updates over the next few days… Please keep my sweet puppy in your thoughts. It was the stories posted here that prompted me to take him to the pet hospital and I am eternally grateful.

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  1. UPDATE: My puppy is now doing okay and is stable but is still not eating and barely drinking water. He quit having seizures and throwing up after a shot and some fluids from the vet. I think he is going to be okay but this should have never happened in the first place! I called Hartz and they said I put too much on him!! Garbage, if anything I put less than recommended because I was hesitant to treat him anyway. I hope Hartz is ashamed and remorseful for all the suffering they have caused for pets and pet parents…but I seriously doubt it. This company should not exist.

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