Beware of Hartzguard products

I won’t stop until I’ve had every hartzguard product removed from the shelves of every store that carries this leathal and toxic product, starting with my hometown of Shreveport, LA. One week ago today I bought Hartzguard flea and tick home spray, because I found a flea on my Sophie (my cat that I’ve had for several years now that I saved from a very abusive environment). While Sophie was being groomed at the groomers, I sprayed my living room carpet, hallway carpet, and bedroom carpet. I took the sheets and pillow cases off my bed and washed them and sprayed my pillow top mattress, my pillows and the under side of my bedspread (I didn’t do the top for fear it might leave spots on the satin material). The following day Sophie didn’t seem herself. She slept way more than usual and seemed especially needy. That was the only difference I’ve seen in my cat. HOWEVER, the same cannot be said for myself!!!!! Let me start by saying I have never been allergic to anything in my life and never had sensitive skin. The day after I used the spray, I started get red raised bumps/patches on my forearms. The best way I can describe it is it looked like I had been rolling around in poison Ivy. The following days it got worse and worse to the point where my arms, stomach and legs had so many spots (hives) that I was covered in calamine lotion and only left my house wearing long sleeve shirts and pants because it was embarrassing for anyone to see. Not to mention, it’s only 100 degrees outside… NOT LIKE ITS HOT OUTSIDE, right! Upon the fourth day I went to my doctor, a general practitioner. Who also agreed it looked like poison Ivy, but said it absolutely was not because every day I had new areas popping up. He asked if I had come in contact with any chemicals of any sort recently, and never once did the flea spray come to mind…i forgot all about it… I was thinking much worse like I drank toxic water or come in contact with someone that had scabvies. I got a steroid shot and a prescription of prednisone. That night I got n my bed and in less than 2 hours I flew out of bed because it felt like my skin was on fire. My skin was almost solid red. I ran to the bathroom, got a cold wet wash cloth and ran it over my entire body. It was obviously something in my bed and it was always worse when I got out of bed in the morning. I knew then it had to be the flea spray I used on my mattress, pillows and comforter. I got online to look up the directions on the bottle once again just to see if I had done something wrong. And that’s when I came across all the years of horrific and heartbreaking stories from others who had used Hartzguard products. Let me say to those people, I’m so sorry u had the experiences you had, many of your stories left me in tears and I feel your pain and frustration. And to the heartless people seated at the head of the table at HARTZGUARD, hear me and hear me loud!! You have not heard the last of me! Remember my name, Kristen Y., while ur trying to figure out if you need a civil attorney , or a criminal one, because I will the one that makes you wish you would’ve made the proper and humane changes to your products years ago. Trust me, I have the money and know the people to get it done. This will be a PR nightmare for you! Oh, and did I mention my dad is a news anchor for a CBS News affiliate station?!

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  1. I for one would be very grateful to see something finally happen with these nightmare products. It has gone on so long and has been completely ignored by the powers that be. If this was a human drug it would have been pulled a decade ago! Go get em!

    I stopped shopping at Petsmart because of their attitude about this product. I wrote a lengthy letter about my experience and they never even responded. That was several months ago. 🙁 I spent an average of $300 a month on pet food alone in their stores. They didn’t care. I don’t shop there any more.

  2. If you checked the label, you should also see that this division is owned by an aerospace company. It’s POISON. I though t it was safe to use on my beloved chihuahua Stella, she had a seizure within ten minutes and they continued until she died four months later. She had been healthy her whole life until I used that spray.

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