Sick kitten

As I type this, I’m praying for a miracle. I’ve been fostering kittens for a few years now. Bottle babies are my specialty because I’ve been successful in raising them. Last Tuesday I got a call about a single baby kitten. My husband met the finder and got her settled until I arrived home. I have a cupboard full of KMR and I also had 2 cans of Hartz kitten milk that someone gave me when they left a foster baby with me. I never used it but kept it just in case I was in a bind. Naturally, my husband grabbed the Hartz. My baby girl was a great eater, sucking down formula and growing like a weed. Friday night, we noticed she hadn’t had a bowel movement but everything g else was fine. This is common with babies as the formula doesn’t always agree with them. Yesterday, there was still nothing so this morning we tried everything. Poor baby was straining but nothing came out. I got her to the emergency vet. I was there for 4 hours while they tried to break up the blockage with an enema. She is only 1 week old and they can’t do much else. I go back at 9 for them to check and try again if needed. NEVER had a problem like this before, nor have I used Hartz until now.

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