My Weenies Almost Died

My 2 miniature dachshunds love the Hartz Oinkies Rolled Pig Skin Twists. However the bag that I recently purchased, from Safeway in Redwood City, CA must have had something toxic in them. Several hours after ingesting them they became violently ill. Shaking, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, dilated pupils, lethargic…..this went on for almost 24 hours. After finding this web site I just knew it had to be the pig twists. I’m truly outraged that Hartz is still in business. After hours of research, it became evident to me, that even pet treats made in the USA are suspect to contamination and not safe for our furry friends. Many companies purchase the ingredients used in their treats from China and slap a “Made in the USA” on them. My heart goes out to everyone who has had a similar experience, especially those that lost loved their loved ones due to these uncaring, negligent companies who continue to put our pets at risk.

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  1. Interesting! Max went to Groomer on Monday. Directions said I could use Ultragaurd after 48 hours from bath. Waited 48 hours used the UltraGaurd Pro for 15 to 30 lbs dogs.
    He will not eat, and it hurts him to walk. This is a very healthy active 8 year old dog. Hes walked 2 miles every day. Very happy dog. Hes so depressed, not the same. What the h—-?
    Have I poisoned my dog???

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