Cats terrible chemical burn

Last fall I bought the Hartz flea drops for cats I put it on all 5 of our cats The 4 tolerated it ok but our siamese had to go to the vet as the product caused a severe chemical burn and the vet told us He has seen this many times before and to bath her to get the lingering oils off,We did this but now here it is almost summer and she still has this patch of hair missing and is still itching this one spot all the time and still acting scared of us She sure is not the same cat. as before this incident buyer be very aware of this product and the damage it can do to your pets.

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  1. My beautiful Cat had a Terrible horrific Seizure immediately after apply of that liquid crap on her behind the neck area. She now has blincness & only 2 years old. It is a dangerous product. they have Holinisitic medical items , like baby talcom powder, other wys PLEAE!

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