Hartz left a big lesion

Our kitty Hope developed a serious lesion aout the size of my thumbnail within 24 hours of application of the Hartz flea drops…even though we had washed it of within an hour, noticing she was extremely agitated and uncomfortable. WE saw the same reaction on our second cat, and so we washed it off. I waited a week and tried the flea collar….only on the second cat, though, since the first kitty still had her lesion. Our second kitty, Budy, within an hour began to try to scratch UNDER the flea collar and all around it, nowhere else, so I knew it was the collar and took it off…Only then did I read the reviews of the products.

If enough people tell enough Wal-Mart stores (they refunded my money immediately) then Wal-Mart will QUIT buying this awful and dangerous product.

Meanwhile ten days later, I finally get to take both Hope and Buddy to the Vet.
vaccines are causing cats huge problems down the road

BY THE WAY, those vaccines are also doing a lot of permanent damage to our cats:

AAFP Releases New Feline Vaccination Guidelines

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