attorney in the house??

I Put this crap ( Sergeants) on my two small shitzu/ poodle cross dogs. Both had a reaction but one had far more severe reaction. It has been five days (three with benadryl) and he is still going crazy!!. Shaking his head, itching uncontrollably, panting, so agitated and anxious. He looks at me and begs to make it stop. I am sick about this! How in the world is it even possible that this product is still on the shelf?? People have been posting on this site for years and not one single attorney has come forward to take these cases to court? I finally called the vet today after trying the dawn and benadryl. I think it has helped but not nearly enough.

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  1. Seargents should be ashamed of their products for flea and tick prevention!!! I treated my three cats, 2 girls one boy and my dog with their flea and tick drops; different drop for cat and dog!! But unbenownced to me the two female cats may have ingested the dogs medicine from close proximity or “grooming”, they are both in the vets hospital on IV fluids and relaxants!! The dog and other male cat(who never wants anything to do with the dog), are fine!! Sssooooo. SEARGENTS…pull that POISON OFF THE SHELVES IF IT POSES A RISK TO ANIMALS….even if administered correctly!! Cross contamination can occur in multiple pet households!!!!! 🙁 🙁

    1. Just an update.. doc said it was most likely the direct administering of the flea drops to the cats that caused their reaction….that severity of symptoms would not have been from them being around the dog; especially if they did not groom the dog…which they usually do not do. Regardless, this “medicine” is poison to all animals and should be prohibited!!!! Now I have come to realize that if the box, (in very small print says…..wash hands thoroughly after application, do not eat, smoke etc.etc. after giving it to your animal) ; how is it not poisonous to them!!!! I went back to the store after I bought and used this product to read the label; because I had disposed of the container immediately after using it and trash picked up the next morning. What matters is getting the message out there to STOP THESE COMPANIES FROM MANUFACTURING THESE PRODUCTS AND BEING ALLOWED TO SELL THEM!!!!! Anyone with information about the lawsuits please contact me!!

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