We lost our baby girl

Today, April 20, 2016 was a much harder day then my family could have ever anticipated. What started out as a normal week, unexpected turned dark when we lost a huge part of what makes our family laugh daily. On Monday, Mom picked up two hartz flea collars, one for each of our dogs, to take them for a walk. I got home from work and noticed the scent they omitted was particularly strong in comparison to collars we’ve previously purchased. My dogs were wrestless all night and in the morning wouldn’t eat. I found this behaviour very strange and immediately took my older dog to the vet as she was so weak she could barely move. The vet said she looked nastargic but her tempurature and heart rate were normal. After some research we immediately removed the collars. Our vet mentioned that no matter what size the collar, the medication was the same across the sizes. She sent off some blood work, but thought it would pass as her signs weren’t severe. I took my sick dog home where she continued to throw up water, although she was trying, which was an improvement. At 3 am, awful howls came from our dog. Her stomach spazaming, legs rigid, unable to move. Shortly later, she passed away. Our dog was very small and a little older, but before yesterday she showed no signs of anything wrong. She was happy, spunky and playful. I feel like my dog was taken from me without notice. She never overly showed signs of aging, or getting old and her check-ups were regular and healthy. Luckily, our other dog is quite a bit younger and stopped acting strange once the collar was removed. Our older dog though, our family and the vet fear, was unable to break down the chemicals on hartz collars due to her age and size, ultimately poisoning her and resulting in her death. Please, I hope all of you encourage your family and friends to do your research before using any new shampoos, foods, flea collars, ANYTHING, on your dogs. It could save their life. For my family, our loss was unexpected and sudden. This hard to digest fact will now linger through our family everyday as we look down for our baby girls excited and wagging tail every time we walk through the door and it won’t be there. #hartzkills

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  1. That is terrible news! I am so sorry for your loss. It just infuriates me that they can still sell this stuff. We have all learned not to trust any product we put on our pets here. These pets depend on and trust us and we let them down. With all the bad effects these items have I still can’t believe they can sell them. Ugh!

    Again, so sorry for the loss of your friend. 🙁

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