Scared for my pet

A little over a month ago my roommate and I found fleas on our cat, Tiny. My roommate’s family sent us a little flea care-package with flea bombs and Hartz FCs. About two weeks ago we put on the collar, bombed the house, washed all the clothes and bedding, and vacuumed. At first the collar didn’t seem to be presenting any issues, other than not working at all, until three days ago when I noticed the cat started acting weird. He was hiding in my kitchen cabinets and acting really timid, which was completely out of character because usually he’s a nut case and super friendly, and he stopped eating. For the past two days the cat has been sitting in the corner of my kitchen and hasn’t moved (yes we checked that he was still alive) and we had no idea what was going on with him. So I started doing research because someone had told me that depending on the flea medication it can have bad effects on your cat, but I wasn’t aware of what we had because I hadn’t purchased the medication myself and was excited to get this flea problem under control. I’m glad I stumbled upon this website and learned of how dangerous this product was, now I’m going to try and get Tiny to the vet to make sure he’s not seriously ill. Please stay away from this product, use vet recommended medication for the safety of your animal.

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