I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and am on disability, we are already having a bad flea problern this year and I cannot afford frontling. When I was at Dollar General shopping and saw the seargent for dogs for 5.oo, the worst I thought would happen is that it wouldnt work. When I woke up the nesxt morning my dog had sores and no hair in many area’s and my cat was the same way. I didn’t buy any for the cats but they sleep with the dogs. I cant afford to take them to the vet but got online and saw how many people have had the same problem and what really makes me mad is there is no warning, well that and they are still selling them, one of may cats is having spasms in his stomach so I don’t even know if he is going to survive. please help. Thanks: Jeffrey Scott Caldwell. p.s. my phone number is 205-202-3339, this is not a cell phone it is a home phone, Again thanks….

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  1. This happened to my cat. I did take him to urgent care and they bathed him. That really seemed to fix the problem. He too was having spasms. Hartz did reimburse me the urgent care fee.

  2. THIS MIGHT HELP — wash off your animals in warm water — then CALL andtake your animals to the local shelter for THEIR help!! I am so sorry you and your pets have to go thru this! My cat had the same problem — I caught it in time — I immediately called the vet and the vet told me to wash her off in the shower– it worked– if it had not worked the vet told me to bring her in at once.

  3. Dawn dish detergent seems to help as well as warm water. I had to take my cat to the vet and she gave me some pills for my cat. Hope you have good luck and everything works out fine.

  4. Oh my, my dogs got those big oozy sores too. I really hate this that stuff! You just need to keep washing them and getting the oozy stuff cleaned out. Clumps of hair and even skin comes off at first. That stuff kills the tissue. I used Hibiclens. It is an antiseptic wash basically. You can buy it at most Walgreens, RiteAid, places like that. I used a washcloth and warm water and just gently kept them scrubbed once a day till they started to dry out. I also did wash them good with Dawn soap in the beginning to get as much product off of them as possible. Never, never again! I hope your kitty pulls through. 🙁

  5. I had a flea infestation. There are six cats and two dogs that live in the house! I used Damascus Earth, (DE) on them, and got rid of every stinkin flea! DE Is used for bugs, and is very pet safe. When I ordered it, they also had a sprayer to poof the power in a fine form. I even spray down my Chicken house with it to keep the mites at bay! I love this stuff!

    1. Yea my dad got Hartz Ultra Guard n its the 31 to 60 pound dogs n I have mini Dachshunds . I was going to get needel n slit it up to 4 Treatments but after reading these . . Im take back n get Adams spray that I been using … Or the Adams drops … Someone told me lemon juice 50 – 50 water. In spray bottle . . I used n flead jump off dont know if its going to kill the fleas …. Text number 386-753-4353.. Gail I used that earth stuff n dont think did … it right but used on rug n my AC broke down months later bc it got inside b N I clean out n it just wouldnt stop get inside …

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