How do I care for the wound left behind?

I’ve used flea collars and drops on my cats since they were old enough for the treatments. They’re determined to be indoor/outdoor cats so I figure I’ll atleast try to keep them comfy. Today I was petting my little Leo when I noticed an irritated spot on his neck. He comes back in with scratches regularly so I just thought it was a particularly nasty spot. But I always check them out and put some Neosporin on it, so I checked it out as normal. When I looked closer I saw that it was not a scratch but a seeping wound. The hair and skin is completely gone and attached to the collar! I’m floored! It looks so bad! He’s never had a reaction before. Neither of my cats has. And I’ve been using they’re products for years. Now I’m freaking out and panicking, reading this page is really scaring me. I’ve been poisoning my babies? I’ve taken the collars off of both of my cats and washed the area on their necks with a warm washcloth and antibacterial soap and now I’m wondering how to treat the wound left. Neosporin? or a Burn cream? He’s deffinately going to the vet. Both of them but until then what can I do?

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  1. have they gone to the vet yet? I don’t know what to do — I am not a vet and cannot give advice BUT I know what I would do– I would put Vaseline on the wound after washing it off gently — and then take him to the vet. Frontline is in the long run, safer and cheaper than paying enormous vet bills because of the damage done by products that, IMHO, should have been pulled off the market as being unsafe. I am so sorry you and your pets have to go thru this.

  2. I keep tree tea oil on hand all the time. It’s a natural antiseptic. Heals from the inside out. Best product to have in your home !!! Works on most all wounds.

  3. Steep about 4 tea bags and 4 aspirin in 2 cups of water ..wash the area with this and it will clear up in no time..The aspirin stops the pain and cleans the wound ..the tea helps to dry the skin .this helps to heal the ares..My dog gets nasty hot spots and this clears it up in 3 days..

  4. I had a foster kitten who had this same reaction to a different, more expensive (?) brand. We used silver sulfadiazine cream and thats the only thing that made it heal. That may need a prescription, though. You can also use bacitracin on cats but read the label because it may not be ok for this wound since it may be considered a chemical burn.

  5. Please be careful with tea tree oil and pets! My cousin lost her dog last year after years of tea tree oil use. She diluted it but apparently not enough. She used it for various things with her pets. Her dog got sick and was gone two days later. So sad to learn that this is not an uncommon thing

    Also, I bought these flea collars for my cats earlier this evening and just removed them. All of these stories inspired me to seek a safer treatment for my kitties. I hope everyone’s pets are doing better.

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