Don’t Think Hartz!

I’ve heard stories and many of them. I was skeptical, so why not? Its WAY more affordable, like thirty-five USD more affordable. I react smart and start by buying a Hartz collar; it’s three bucks anyways and if their are bad reactions I could easily take it off. I opened the package up, smells legit, like the good old days when I was younger and had tons of happy cats and no fleas. Anyways, I put the collar on my kitty and already reacts differently but she never wears a collar because shes indoor. She reacted by not touching the floors; she always had to be on something like a table or perhaps the bed but never on the floor. So I told her to stay on the hamper. As I was going to bed I called her to me but she wouldnt jump off the hamper onto the ground so she then started to meow for me to get her so, I did. She slept with me all throughout the night which is unusual because she is normally downstairs sleeping or mewoing at her outside friends. I didn’t think much of it the following day so I go out on the boat and by nightfall I head home… while I’m downstairs getting situated my girlfriend upstairs tells me that kitties acting weird. I meow to kitty and she never responds. I go upstairs, found out that she seemed to be delusional and in her own world hallucinating. I take the collar off and then by the next morning she is feeling better. Hartz is poisonous and if you care about your furry roomates, dont think cheap! -I went and just bombed my place with insecticides and bought Frontline from WalMart seems legit. 😀

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  1. Frontline is better – I have used it on my cats for over 15 years — but please get in touch with your vet– it sounds like your pet may have had neurological damage from the Hartz collar — and adding more chemicals (although Frontline is IMHO Very good) may add to the chemicals already in her system. PLEASE spread the word about Hartz and Sergeants toxic products.

  2. My momma cat and one of her baby kittens DIED horrible deaths from the Hartz flea and tick collars! It was confirmed by their vet. They had the collars on for 2 days when my teenage daughter came in from the garage where they were in their pet bed and said that momma kitty was acting weird. I went out to see her and, just like your kitty, mommy, Jesse, was staring off into space and acted like she didn’t even know me. Then things really took a turn for the worse! Things that are too horrible to mention here. I couldn’t get her into a vet over the weekend, even though it was an emergency situation since the vet was out of town. By the time Monday came and I got her and her baby (who had started exhibiting the same symptoms) into see the vet, they were both extremely dehydrated. I had even been forcing droppers of water into them but it wasn’t enough because they were both burning up with fever. They got i.v.’s and meds to help detox the poison in the collars, which, by the way, I had taken off them at the very first signs of distress. I had also bathed both of them thoroughly after removing the collars. After the vet did all he could do, even by keeping them overnight, he sent them home letting me know that the odds were not good and even if one or both did survive, they may very likely have permanent nerve damage. A day later momma died a miserable death, kitten held on, but died that same night while we were sleeping.

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