Somebody help me please

I purchased Hart’s ultrafast guard for my dog a year ago from Canada and brought it to India.. I used it on my dog maybe once or twice and never noticed any behaviour changes.. I went back to Canada.. Now I moved back to my home country (India – where my dog is) and brought along my 2 kittens who are 9 months old. Since fleas and ticks are by the dozen here and my dog is susceptible to them I decided to use some on my cats because they seemed to be more itchy since being here. It’s only been 20 days for them in India.

I do not know if the medication was expired. I just used 1 tube between the two cats (and yes, this was meant for dogs – I am cursing myself more than you can imagine)

I think the female got more than the male. Right after I put it on her she went around running trying to get it off but I thought that’s normal as that’s how they’d react to water drops on them. 2 hours went by and things did not improve for her, she had locked the spot where I put the medication and vomited foamy stuff immediately I thought that was because of the medication but nothing serious. By 3 in the afternoon I had to shower her off as she seemed to be going insane because of the medication. Things have not imported much since. I took them to the went they got Iv druids only about 100 ml and about 1.5 syringe of charcoal in water. I showered the male kitten after coming home but that made him even more itchy than before.. Their fur is all over the place. I’ve been reading horror stories and now don’t know what to do..

Please somebody tell me what else I can do. I used the dog product on them.. I was only trying to keep them itch free instead I think I’m killing them now. My dog is still doing ok though I did not feed him dinner and he didn’t ask.

Both my cats are sleeping now but I can tell they’re agitated. We don’t get dawn here in India.

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  1. Get them to drink lots of milk. As much as you can. This will help dilute the poison. I don’t know what else to tell you. I will pray for your cats.

  2. Get the stuff off of them. Never ever use dog prodcuts on cats. They can not tolerate it. My sister did the same thing. Her cat went blind & later died from it.
    Give plenty of milk to com ate poison effect also Beanadryl. Get to a vet as soon as possible.
    I use diometrious earth on mine & it is harmless to pets but works wonders on all the pests.

  3. You need to take them to the vet ASAP, along with the container and info about the medication. If you cats survive, only use prescription flea medication from the vet’s on pets in future. Never use stuff for dogs on cats, unless approved by your vet. Research info online, even vet advice. Ask pet rescue groups. Good luck.

  4. When I had my Hartz scare the vet told me that the one mistake most people make is using the dog products on your cat. It is fatal, but can be treated if you get to your vet in time. Waste no time!

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