My beloved dog is a 7 year old Pitmation who is as close to a human as she can get very loving and attention craving all the time. Bella is her name she sleeps in bed with me and flea and tick protection are important. I bought the Hartz Ultra Pro at Walmart because she weighs 45 lbs and they had a dose that seemed to better fit her weight. I had read a little bit about Hartz not being good but had also read some who said to use nothing else.. Within 20 hours of putting the Hartz on Bella she became violently ill. She vomited and had diarrhea for 2 days. She was dry heaving and so pitiful it absolutely broke my heart. I sat up with her all night debating on going to the ER Vet with her but after talking to her Vet I was told to just monitor. Bella has epilepsy so taking her to the vet causes her to have seizures so I was in a real dilemma as to take her or not. After a couple days I began giving her the chicken and rice along with Gatorade mixed with water. She is back to her normal self now but it almost time for her to have another monthly dose. While shopping around for Frontline I found this website and felt a calling to post my concern.


  1. Definitely use what your Vet recommends! All of us here have made the mistake of using a HARTZ product. Never again for me.
    I use NexGard or Frontline. I think your soup and Gatorade was a good idea! Once this stuff gets into their system and they have a reaction there isn’t much you can do. I gave my 4 dogs DAWN baths and Benadryl. We put the poison on our dogs at about 10am and we were up all night with 2 of them. We bathed them 2 times during that day and I finally gave them Benadryl at 1am afte reading how bad this stuff really is. I was on the verge of the ER in the middle of the night when I went on line and discovered all the victims of this stuff!

    1. I hope all of your dogs are still doing well. I just bought frontline today and even though everyone says its safe I am still scared to do it. I have been waiting to treat her again, but she is starting to itch, scratch and bite herself. Took her to tractor supply and bought it, I love that she can go in with me there! I will be applying it at some point this evening. Fingers crossed!

  2. I put the Frontline on Bella last night.. Thank goodness I only used half of it… She is 50 lbs… So I got the 45-88 lbs as I was thinking the other may not be enough.. I put half of it between her shoulders she immediately started to act weird.. First she went and got her toys and started shaking them and chewing on them in an aggressive manor which she does sometimes but only after getting wound up. Then she went upstairs to my daughters room which in her bathroom is where he gets her bath, which she doesn’t like but tolerates after we have pick her up to put her in. She usually will not go up there unless I go too. While upstairs I could her frolicking and then she started barking which she never does unless someone comes into the house. I called her and called her and she wouldn’t come down just laid up in the bed for an hour. She finally came down and got in bed slept for 9 hours got and had a fit because she thought I was leaving which she does if I get my purse and coat but I hadn’t done anything to make her think I was leaving. I have now had to give her a valium because she has epileptic seizures if she gets to stressed. She is calmed down now but is sitting up and falling asleep. My kids are all grown so she is my baby so I know her every move and this did make her act weird. The hartz ultra guard pro made her vomit violently after 20 hours. It has not been 20 hours yet but I have noticed her belching some last night and this morning. I will update again if she does vomit. I don’t know what I am gonna do to keep the fleas and ticks away after this as I won’t be applying it again because she is having a reaction to it or is this normal?

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