Cheese, You Lucky Bastard!

My girlfriend and I just today noticed that one of our two cats had a bald spot on the base of her tail and some bite marks near her face with some scabbing. We figured she had fleas so we went to Walmart to get some medicine. We went down the cat aisle and found a product that was fitting our exact needs! Hartz Ultragaurd Pro for cats over 5lbs. Purrfect!
We first “medicated” the cat with the fleas in question, then figured it would be a good idea to “medicate” the second cat that lives with her. Cheese was the second cat. She is a 5y/f cat with no previous medical history or problems.
The Hartz drops had no effect on the first cat, but immediately showed its true colors on Cheese… the loving cat that didn’t need any treatment in the first place. Within minutes, Cheese raced around the room running in circles. She was hissing, open-mouth breathing/panting, scratching like crazy, hiding in strange places and was shaking.
We washed Cheese off with soap and water. Although she was mad about the water (like most cats), and the burning sensation we unnecessarily put on her, she seemed to calm down. But she still wasn’t quite the same. That’s when I called the 24/7 vet clinic.
It turned out that Cheese had an allergic reaction to the Hartz product and that is not uncommon. The vet explained the effectiveness vs the risk of this (cheaper) product, greatly emphasizing the risk. This is a PESTICIDE put on your pet! TOXIC CHEMICALS!
Cheese seems is doing better but still isn’t acting like herself. The other cat is fine as of now. I cant believe today started as finding a treatment for one cat and sending another cat, Cheese, to the E.R. I cannot believe how irresponsible I was to self-diagnose my cats and to use this product before doing proper research. Hartz is evil and will never buy or use their product(s) again!
Please, if you are reading this, I found this website after visiting the vet and realized Cheese was having seizures because of Hartz. She seems to be alright now, just a little shaken from her first car ride. She is lucky to be alive and I don’t want to give you all a sad update. Stop Hartz!

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  1. Good news! Cheese is back to her old self and is in great shape! Thank you all for the love and support you have been giving her!
    I work in retail at a grocery store, and ever since Cheese had to suffer through this I have been trying to get this brand off our shelves. As of today, my grocery store is 100% Hartz free!!! (I did have to buy the remaining discounted garbage to throw away)…
    Cheese, you were a lucky bastard, but I know that everyone has not had the same success. This is what pushes me more to ban this toxic crap.

  2. Update: Cheese is “better”- Also, neither of our cats had fleas (our initial reason to try this product). They are indoor cats and we were paranoid! We were/are first time cat owners. I can’t blame Hartz on my paranoia, but I can call them out on their snake-oil, toxic bullshit. Their products are deadly!

    It has been almost 3 years since I posted here and both cats still live with us. Cheese is feeling better and has never encountered another Hartz product since.

    Cheese has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus recently. It is a pricey condition to treat and regulate at first, but I would never give up on her.

    I’m thankful to have you in my life, Cheese.
    Maybe I’m the lucky bastard after all!

    PS. Fuck You Hartz!

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