Hartz Flea and Tick Collar Burned My Kittens Fur Off!

I got my little fur baby a few months ago when a family friend had found her right outside of her shop and had given her to my mom who had in turn given her to me! This baby girl is my entire world and has kept me company since she was only weeks old! As a college student, I spend a lot of time at home and don’t have very much money. A roommate of mine had moved in with his dog and hardly ever bathed her so I immediately started noticing fleas in her fur! As soon as I saw that I went out to buy her a flea and tick collar. Sadly, I stupidly picked out a hartz flea and tick collar and placed it on my little angel. After a few days she started vomiting! I was so confused cause she had never done that before. Then she couldn’t put down food and was always sleeping. After a while my boyfriend noticed that she had been losing fur under the collar! We took it off and realized she had lost quite a bit of fur under the collar and it was irritating her neck! It was burning her and hurting her! As soon as we saw this, we rushed to give her a bath and watched her for the next few days. She finally got better. But i feel so horrible thinking about how I stupidly bought that collar just because it was cheap! I might have never even noticed if my boyfriend hadn’t pointed it out! PEOPLE, PUT YOUR PETS FIRST AND GET THEM THE BEST OF THE BEST. Not only that, but read reviews of any products you buy for your fur babies. Reading these stories makes me realize how blessed I am that she had made it so long after wearing it for a week. Thank you everyone for your stories!

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  1. We have all learned the hard way not to trust what is on the shelves of our pet stores. I will be checking everything from now on!

  2. I am sorry to hear about your dog! I am just relieved that she is still alive–many animals have died because of Hartz products. I am trying to help spread the word with my flyers, if anyone wants to order and help educate others in the retail stores where these products are sold. These products are heinous and need to be banned! I do weekly posts about this website to help spread the word: https://makingwavesoutreach.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/the-hartz-files-38/

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