About 10 years ago, I laid my 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier to rest less than 24 hours after putting a Hartz Flea Collar on him. I found this forum because I was recently looking for a safe flea repellent for my two dachshunds and cat.

Ten years ago, I returned home from college only to find that my Yorkie was infested with fleas. A family member was in charge of him while I was away at school but she was very neglectful and going through depression at the time (which I didn’t find out until later). When I brought him home, I purchased a Hartz flea collar for him and he seemed fine after I put it on him. The following day, I awoke to him being his normal self but within an hour he had thrown up twice. Blame it on my naivety at such a young age but I figured he had eaten some type of table food that didn’t agree with him. I put him in his room and ran out to the store with my mom. We were gone maybe 2 hours tops.

When we returned, my baby was laid out in the middle of the floor with a puddle of blood around his rectal area. We were too late, he was already gone. I cried my eyes out and looked back on everything I could have done differently. I didn’t drive at the time, I was broke, unemployed and living with my parents. It wasn’t until later that I made the association with the flea collar. He had been wearing it for less than 24 hours and now he was gone. I think about him all the time and if only I could turn back the hand of time I would have NEVER given him that flea collar, or any other flea collar for that matter. My 3 fur babies now get flea baths and I’m still in search of an all-natural, safer option.


  1. How do you know for certain it was the flea collar? You said that your dog was neglected, could the problem have possibly originated there?

  2. I to have put the ultra guard and my yorkie .afterward she was seizuring this happen twice because of the drops.and I notice all she wanted was to drank water.they need to take it off the market .NEVER use this!!! Very dangerous …TO YOUR PETS!

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