I’m shocked this is still on the market!

I bought the SENTRY PRO XFT for my 2 Rottweilers and 2 smaller dogs. I bought the correct weights. I have used Frontline in the past and had no problem. I bought this because it was a little cheaper. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Within 2 hours of putting this toxic trash on my friends, they were all exhibiting symptoms. My Rotts were the worst! They very quickly became uncomfortable, you could just tell. They got nervous and moved around alot. They started scratching and rolling around and whining. They were not just itching they were in PAIN! This stuff is horrible.

My other 2 smaller dogs were acting different. But only seemed to be slightly bothered. I put it on at 10 am and by noon they were all showing different levels of symptoms.

About 5 hours into it, I decided it was time to try to remove as much as possible. I scrubbed the area I put the poison on with shampoo. Just my regular shampoo. I thought it would wash it out. It didn’t help much. A couple more hours passed and I decided that DAWN was my next try. It did seem to remove alot of the residue but plenty had soaked into their skin already.

Since my smaller dogs seemed only slightly affected I just rinsed them off. They are still ok except they do scratch and roll more often. They are not acting normal as yet.

We were up all night with our Rotties. They were whining and crying. Rolling, scratching and rubbing along the furniture. OMG this stuff is horrible! By 1 AM I decided to Google information about this stuff. I was horrified by what I found. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS! You have GOT to be kidding me. They still sell this stuff.

I gave ALL my dogs Benadryl that night. It has been 2 days now and the little dogs are still a little weird. Just not quite themselves. My female Rottweiler sleeps alot and still itches and rolls more than usual. She also was drooling quite a bit the first day. My male Rott is the worst. He does the same thing but he has now developed sores at the site. They are about the size of a 50 cent piece and they are oozy painful sores. This is appalling that this stuff is still on the market after all this. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAWSUIT??

From now on I will always check online before I put anything on the furry members of my family. Don’t they understand how important our pets are to us. Unbelievable.

Thank you everyone for telling your stories. Without the internet we would never know! I am taking this stuff back to Pets mart but apparently they don’t care about our pets any more than Sergeants Pet Care Products.

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  1. This is in addition to my original post. As of now, both Rotweillers have developed sores at the site. So I am doctoring those now. This stuff killed the tissue. It is necrotic tissue. Unbelievable.

    Petsmart: I took the remainder of the product back. Since I bought it 2 months ago and didn’t have the receipt they would not take it back. One package was open the other was not. I spoke to the manager. Told her what happened. I said there had been a class action suit but I didn’t know what happened. She told me that it had been dismissed being without merit and not to believe everything I read on the internet. Really? I told her what I had read on the internet was exactly what happened to my dogs. This is just sick!

    She told me to call the company. She didn’t care that my 4 dogs all had a reaction to this stuff. PETSMART DOESN’T CARE WHAT THEY SELL. I spend over $300 per month there with 4 dogs. I guess they don’t care about my being a customer. I think I can find someplace better to buy my pet products. Their attitude didn’t impress me. SO DON’T BELIEVE BECAUSE IT IS A PET STORE THAT THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR ANIMALS. THEY DON’T. Make sure you research what you put on your animals.

    1. Can I ask why you wouldn’t take them to the vet if they had sores and were drolling and seemed to be in pain. I don’t mean to sound judgmental but that was kinda irresponsible of you.

  2. My dog passed away after I used Hartz on him. Two weeks after applying the oil for flea prevention, he passed away from kidney failure.

  3. I have belonged to the group from the beginning and there was some talk of a lawsuit but I never heard of it ever actually happening. I never buy anything made by Hartz, Sargeant, or anything else unless it comes from my vet. Whatever I thought I was saving by buying the cheaper stuff cost me more in vet bills. I don’t have a Petsmart near where I live and have had good luck with Pet Value and Global Pet Foods (which is a smaller company) but I get the most information from the internet. Hope your dogs all come out of this healthy once again.

  4. Oh Julie! I am so sorry to hear about your poor baby. This is downright wrong. I do not understand how they can think this is acceptable. I worry about those people still buying this stuff without knowing they could kill or permanently harm their pet. You must feel terrible. My heart hurts for you. 🙁

    I wrote to Petsmart, but many have so I don’t expect much response. The lesson I learned is don’t put anything in or on your pet until you research it because just because it is for sale to the public doesn’t mean it is safe by any means.

    My dogs all seem to be ok at this point, but I will never use anything like that again.

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