Hartz UltraGuard Pro

Do not buy this product. It is absolutely terrible. After reading the rest of the reviews on this site and others, I do not understand how this product is still on the market. If you have used this product, I would suggest bathing your cat and getting it all off immediately. Within minutes after putting it on both of my cats, they were twitching and having leg spasms. The medicine was only on for about a half hour, and it took 4 days before my cats were finally back to 100%. I am completely convinced that if I would not have washed it off, I would be adding to all of the stories people have written about this product killing their pet. In the days following giving them the medicine, my cats were unbelievably lethargic to the point that they barely moved. They also continued to have leg spasms and now have bald spots where the medicine was applied. I truly hope that this review can help someone else so that they do not have to go through this.

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