Dangerous Flea Medicines Killed my Cats

We recently lost our beautiful young cat, Blitzen, to poisoning from a Sergeant’s brand flea collar. He had escaped and run away for a week, and we were frantic to find him in the week leading up to Christmas. He came home Christmas Day, and we branded it a Christmas miracle. He was healthy and hungry as ever the first few days. Thinking we should treat him for fleas and ticks, seeing as how he was out and about in the woods, we bough a Sergeant’s brand flea collar for him, making sure to choose the right size for his weight. We assumed because it was being sold, it was safe.

Within a day, he had changed completely. A once noisy, active, affectionate, hungry cat was completely silent aside from a few occasional strange, pained cries. He stopped eating and drinking altogether. He hid from us. He began vomiting stomach acid because there was nothing in his stomach. We took him to the vet and were informed that he had been poisoned by his flea treatment. We took him home for a night to home-treat him, but the next morning he threw up all his medicine and had a seizure. We immediately hospitalized him, and the vets did everything they could, but he passed away a few short days later despite their best efforts.

We recently realized the death of our last cat, a beautiful Himalayan named Flannery, was caused by the same thing, though he had received flea drops instead. He showcased the same exact symptoms, but we attributed it to his previously diagnosed neurological issues. He also died a few short days after his flea treatment.

It’s horrible to know that you are the cause of their suffering. Thinking you’re doing something to help your pets and accidentally poisoning them because you assume all products being sold are safe.

Always, always, always check with your vet before applying any sort of flea and tick treatment to your pet. Make no assumptions.

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Flea Medicines Killed my Cats”

  1. sorry for your heartache> i lost a battle after I used Hartz and also immediately i knew. I tried everything spent over 10 thousand dollars on my dog. One of the worst parts is that the Dr wouldnt agree that it was the cause. NO FN COMMON SENSE. Hopefully people read these blogs and know that there are natural remedies for flea and tick removal/prevention and since we love them so much spending a few extra moments while bathing searching for F/T will be worth it.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. We lost our dog in Nov 15,2015 from hartz flea treatment. I know the pain and guilt you are feeling.

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