Sentry flea treatment killed my cat

I am heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of my best friend I feel horrible for putting something on him that thought would help but only put him through so much pain and agony I used sentry flea treatment on my cat and what it did to him was horrific it was 6 months of vet bills and thousands of dollars with no cure in site but gave my poor baby this skin burn that would not go away and ate at his skin he was in so much pain I took him to 5 different vets and all say it was the flea treatment I called sentry and sent them the vet bills they wrote me back and said my cat had mange which he did not and the wanted to give me 63.00 for reimbursement for flea treatment you sentry can shove that 63.00 dollars i’m going to sue you! for what you did to my beloved pet ! i’m sueing you for making me believe I was helping my cat! the torture of watching him suffer and the pain you put both of us in is just plain sick.

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  1. Does anyone have ANY faith in the so-called Environmental Protection Agency? They are a joke and should be called the Corporation Protection Agency since it is the big bucks they do not want to offend. Sickening. USA needs someone like the FBI Director James Comey with total indifference to vested interests to run these agencies.

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