Sentry Neurotoxicity

I recently used Sentry’s Flea spray to control the fleas in my house. We sprayed everywhere. Within a week, I started to notice weird effects. My skin would turn red where I scratch…but not disappear. Then I started itching everywhere…Or at least it felt like itching…In reality it was my neurons reacting negatively in areas that were effected… Apparently by sitting on a couch that was sprayed, the product was absorbing into my skin through my clothes…It sucked…I felt like something was truly wrong with my heart, so I went to the hospital. They did all kinds of test and could find nothing.

Come to find out it was the flea spray, that was slowly killing me.

If you have similar affects, avoid any sprayed areas…
This could have a long term, if not harsher affect on your body..

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