Been a nightmare for our pup

DO NOT BUY THIS…U COULD LOSE UR PET! We used the product for our 5 month old bully. The day after we used it, she was very sick but we just thought she got into something, as dogs will sometimes do. Just last week, not knowing this had made her sick before, we applied it again and once again she was violently ill. This time, she has a serious rash on her entire back and she’s losing all of her hair in the affected areas. She’s fine health wise now but her hair is still falling out. Does anyone know if her hair will grow back or is this permanent? I can’t believe this is being sold! And I wish we would’ve known before we used it twice!!!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your dog– she was lucky– she lived. I can understand how upset you must have been– I almost lost my cat to this. has your vet suggested anything that might help with the hair loss? Since your dog has literally been poisoned from the inside out you might also want to look online for any information relating to nutritional or holistic (natural) ways to solve this problem. Best of luck and please spread the word that these over the counter flea preps can and DO kill (for over 25 years now). Many people still do not know about these dangers and this stuff is still killing or neurologically damaging pets big and small. I use Frontline for Cats on my cats now and even then I watch them afterwards for any sign of a reaction. I figured it was easier for me to pay more $$ for Frontline than to save money and buy the OTC stuff which might add up to a thousands of dollars vet bill later – assuming my pets would live thru this trauma to their systems. Best of luck.

  2. Has anyone ever started a petition against Hartz? I know there is somewhere on Facebook where you can. Maybe this would be the only way to stop this. I have actually stopped people from buying this garbage in Walmart but Walmart keeps selling it. Meanwhile people who don’t know about Hartz think they are doing a good thing by using Hartz/Sargent products.

  3. Hey, sorry about your bully. Some bullies have severe allergies that contribute to hair loss and can slow the regrowth of hair. 9 times out of 10 food is a contributing factor. I have a dog with food allergies. I feed her Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet (LID). Depends on your dog which formula will be best. After an allergy is triggered, such as with the use of the collar, other allergies can be worsened. I would also recommend testing different fatty additives to food as these often help with skin and coat problems, IE flax sred oil, pet-safe salmon oil etc. Ask your vet about melatonin. Melatonin can make miraculous differences. Also, been a dog groomer almost 11 years. Hope the hair grows back. Also, I often make food for my dog. Rice, pumpkin, ground chicken (not lean) and peas.

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