Another hartz flea n tick drop victim

I bought the hartz flea n tick drops for my cat from Walmart. I picked it from the shelf right by the frontline because it was about half the price. After getting home I applied it. I didn’t notice any discomfort at first, but I decided to see if Amazon also carried it. That’s when I saw that it had 90%+ bad reviews and worse that it was hurting pets. Within an hour of applying it I used an entire bottle of Palmolive dish soap and washed him very thoroughly. I changed the water twice. There was an oily looking residue on the water surface so I did get a lot of it off. He didn’t even fuss about it being soaked head deep in the bath.
The next morning my cat lost hair in about a half dollar size and the skin is red and burned looking. I put some neosporn on him and will be treating it as a chemical burn. I am so mad. Frankly if I knew of any Hartz corp people living near by I’d probably beat the crap out of them and gladly spend the night in jail for assault, I am that mad. It is my fault for not checking reviews first and trusting the store to sell at least a semi safe product.

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