Rufus the Boxer

Rufus is a 4 year old boxer who use to be so full of life. He would get so happy, his whole butt would wiggle and he would lick the air. He could easily jump over a 5 foot fence without touching it. He was so hyper and full of energy. That was before Hartz ultraguard. We live in the country and fleas are always a problem between spring and fall. You could give the dogs a bath everyday and as soon as they go outside they are covered again. We purchased a package of Hartz Ultraguard. Within less than 24 hours after putting it on Rufus he was ill. He was laying on his side and breathing kinda heavy. He couldnt get up or laydown on his own and his back legs was walking funny. The next day he was brought to a local vet and we told them about the flea medicine, and they gave him 3 medicines, and took a blood and urine test. A few days later and Rufus still was not feeling any better at all. Brought him back for a follow-up and told the vet he was also having problems using the bathroom. They gave him the finger test and said his prostate is swollen. They gave us another prescription and said to stop giving him 2 of the others. It has been 3 weeks now and Rufus is just as bad as ever. We read online where hundreds and hundreds of animals have died from Hartz products and if we had known we would of never put it on our dogs. Rufus went from being a happy dog always bouncing around and full of energy to only being able to lay there and cry. He has trouble getting up, he has trouble laying down, he can not sit, and all he can do is just lay there on his side. We took him to the vet yesterday and got more pain medication, antibiotics, and anti-inflamatory medicine, but we also noticed a lump on his chest that now needs tested and we are almost certain it is cancer and he will need surgery. We just want the old Rufus back, and just the vet trips alone is an expense we can not afford. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. We have started a Go Fund Me page and any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

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