My life long Pet

Until this day I was unaware of Hartz causing side effects on our loved pets! I just lost my 10 year old rescued dog this past July. I came across a post on Facebook. Now that I connect two and two together… I am beyond mad! She had some fleas so I bought the Hartz….. I’m not sure how much times passed after I administered this thing… but i don’t think much time did… I do remember how she was fine one day and then by the next week she was to weak to even walk for food, water, or anything for that matter. I took her to the vet who said it was like an infection maybe from a flea… gave her some shots and medication. She was okay for some days but got worse… I took her in again and the vet said her immune system was so low that everything was attacking her now… a day later (she was on treatment) she died…. I cannot believe this things are being sold!!!! She was more than just a pet, she was family…. I am beyond mad!

Like I said she was a healthy and active girl… Yes she was old! but I walked her everyday and she loved it! I always gave her the right food and everything. She was never sick. I have no words to describe my feelings right now…

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