I almost gave my dog Hartz

I bought some Hartz yesterday at Kroger, I have been dealing with fleas for a while and it’s such a hassle to keep cleaning and doing the organic treatments, which are effective but it’s a time consuming process. Today I was reading the back of the package and thought why would I put this on my dog if it’s harmful to humans? Then I researched it and here I am, I sat here and cried my eyes out from reading a few of your stories, it’s truly heartbreaking, I’m so sorry for the victims. I threw the unopened product in the trash can, thank you for the website you saved my dogs life, I am so very grateful. I’m truly hurt and sad for all of the dogs and cats that fell victim to this poison, I’m still crying. God Bless you, you didn’t know, you was trying to do the right thing, I’m so sorry it turned tragic. I don’t know why they still sell this product. The stories on this website is evidence enough to pursue a law suit against this company, in the name of humanity. Thank you so much, Julie

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  1. So glad you didnt use it on your dog!! Makes me feel somewhat better that by all of us sharing our stories about the death of our pets, yours is still with you!! The hard part for me is knowing that I did something to harm him.. RIP Dexter, forever in our hearts.

  2. You should have taken it back, you gave Hartz money by simply throwing it away. If they get money, they can buy lobbyists with them to continue selling their products.

    That being said, usually there’s a warning on any dermal medication for animals saying for you not to come in contact with it. It hasn’t been tested by the FDA and they don’t want to be liable for any unintended side effects in humans (as some ingredients may be completely harmless to your dog, but not you. This is the same as how humans can eat some things that animals can’t). Flea collars, for example, were a common item that solders asked for early in the Iraq war because they could put one on each ankle and keep the sand fleas off. These collars were never tested on humans, and to this day have a warning against coming in contact with human skin.

    Essentially, the “do not use on humans” label is a way of saying “we haven’t tested this on humans, just dogs/cats. If you get cancer, this warning covers our butts”

    Go get the package out of the trash, get your money back and ask your vet what to use.

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