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On the morning of 11/12/2015 @11:47 hrs, I stopped by PetSmart #0373 in Silverdale, WA to purchase the Frontline Flea & Tick shampoo that I normally have used in the past. On this particular day, the Frontline brand was out of stock at the store, so the clerk there recommended the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT Flea and Tick medication matched to the size of Sir Willie (24 lbs). The following day (11/13/15) at about 4:30 in the afternoon, I proceeded to apply the flea and tick killer to my dog. Almost immediately after application and rinse Sir Willie acted like his skin was chemically burned demonstrating extreme hyperactivity, rolling on the ground, scratching and unrelenting restlessness. His skin was bright red. This continued through the night and progressed to lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea and unable to eat.
The following day, Sir Willie continued to vomit and could not hold any food down whatsoever clearly demonstrating that a toxin was in his system. At about 1:00 PM on 11/14/15, I called the toxicology hotline number listed on the box (1-800-781-4738) and spoke to a technician there. She recommended that I wash Sir Willie with Dawn dish soap, apply vitamin E oil to his back and put chicken broth/tuna juice in his water for him to drink. For the call, I was given reference number 1720665. While Sir Willie did drink lots of the chicken broth water he could not hold it down for longer than 10 minutes or so. This dire situation continued through the night with Sir Willie becoming more dehydrated, lethargic, weak (could not stand) and experienced tremors. With panic at about 3:00 am on Sunday I took Sir Willie to the VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital in Silverdale, WA. Sir Willie was formally admitted to the hospital without challenge. I spoke to Dr. Addie McBane on duty and although highly professional she did not seemed to be too interested in the application of the Sentry Pro XFT medication as a toxin, but rather seemed to focused on the diabetic history of Sir Willie with his blood sugar and keytones being the main concerns. Sir Willie recently had a glucose curve test done at Banfield in Silverdale three weeks prior with the test results indicating acceptable.
Sir Willie stayed at the animal hospital until the afternoon of 11/17/15 and was released to my care. Initially when we got home Sir Willie seemed to have his normal strength, urinated and attempted to eat the special dog food supplied by the hospital. Sir Willie seemed confused at his surroundings at least initially. Within a short time Sir Willie began to vomit again and could not hold anything down longer than 20 minutes or so. This condition continued during the night and the next day. On 11/18/15 Sir Willie still could not hold anything down the entire day, this seemed to lesson slightly at around noon with water being held down for about 30 minutes. Sir Willie would go outside during the day to urinate and would come back in and rest in his usual locations. At about 5:00 PM in the evening Sir Willie rapidly seemed to go downhill with increased vomiting, extreme weakness, could not stand up to be followed by three consecutive and full grand mall seizures around 7:30. With extreme anxiety and panic we put Sir Willie in his carrier and checked in again at the animal hospital in Silverdale, WA at about 10:00 PM. We spoke to Dr. Emily Saunders there who was very professional and courteous. Again I attempted to indicate that this seemed to be a poisoning with Dr. Saunders who did phone the toxicology hotline, which ultimately indicated a very unlikely chance that Sir Willie was under toxicological duress. Again the focus seemed to be on Sir Willies diabetic condition and during the discussion in the private room Sir Willie went into full cardiac arrest and died at 10:33 PM PST.
In conclusion I do believe that Sir Willie experienced a violent reaction following the application of the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT flea & tick medication which ultimately proved fatal to him. Clearly this was a toxic poison that systematically shut his kidneys/body down. In post research it was discovered that there are hundreds if not thousands of document cases of dog fatalities following the application of this medication. Although the medication is not recommended for cats there are many cases of fatality as well. Although Sir Willie did have diabetes, it was under full control. The flea and tick medication application resulted in the death of my pet, not his diabetic condition. Sir Willie was fine before the application and after which he could not recover.

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  1. As most of us know HARTZ flea product have been killing our pets through their products.p for years (1993) Please note it’s alleged. That Sentry Pro XFT is another product that is hurting our pets. I did call the Silverdale store today (11/24/2015) to see what is up. I spoke to the manager. She said they have all ready written to corporate office. Stop them from selling this and HARTZ on EBay as well. If you question if this is true, go to
    I also know from my own experience that these are bad products out of China.

  2. So sorry about Sir Willie. I had the nearly same incident with my dog Dacodah. No vomiting, seizures, diahrea or tremors but he did have the scratching and rubbing against the wall, rolling on floor as if attempting to wipe off flea treatment. Behavior started immediately after applying. Skin was bright red. After some days, scabs appeared over his body, in some places very large ones which I believe were very deep wounds. It appears that this stuff burned his skin. Around his neck and behind ears was so bad that he couldn’t wear his collar. Soars are starting to heal finally…it has been about 5 weeks since using this stuff..hartz 3 month pkge of flea treatment. I was so upset seeing my Dacodah suffering…I didn’t have money for vet. I was so angry at Wal-Mart in Forest Park, Il

  3. So sorry for your loss. We to lost our beloved boy on Nov 15,2015 due to hartz products. It just breaks my heart to hear how many innocent little animals this product has killed.

    1. Thank you Michelle. Just this morning I woke up from a nightmare about Sir Willie, he was such a loving dog and didn’t deserve to die this way. This product (Sentry Pro XFT) killed him without a doubt. After legally wrestling with Sentry (Perrigo) in the end all they would do is cover the cost of the shampoo (30 dollars or so). This profuct is a neurotoxin and will kill people’s pets. I can only hope that a class action lawsuit will be brought to bear against this company. This was a horrible experience that will not ever be forgotten.

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