Scary Reaction

I put Sergeant’s Silver flea and tick powder on my cat because I noticed a lot of scabs on his behind and neck and I found a few dead fleas on his cat bed. Although I didn’t see any directly on him, I thought that I would put just a little bit of this powder on his back and see how he reacted to it. BIG MISTAKE! A few hours later, I noticed him coughing and foaming at the mouth and acting lethargic. I immediately gave him a bath (he was out of it enough that I could actually give him a bath!). He’s been sleeping ever since, I have been checking on him every hour since and I’m worried out of my mind after actually Googling the product and reading all of the horrific things that the product has done to pets and their owners! I am praying that he recovers fully! TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF OF THE MARKET!

One thought on “Scary Reaction”

  1. We found a kitten in 1991 in Kentucky on a trip from Washington state. We brought her home she was about 10 weeks old we use the HARTZ liquid flea drops on her. She immediately started foaming at the mouth and twitching as if she was having seizures. We called the vet, he said wash it off her immediately. I called/wrote the company and told them what happened. They offered us our money back. That was it. I find out it’s out of China. It still is. This product was not strong enough poison to kill fleas. The cats had become immune to it. So they added higher doses of the poison to kill the fleas but it also killed or maims the cats. Anytime I get a chance to advocate for the cats regarding this poison I’m telling them and I do so. I will tell people in the pet stores not to use HARTZ. They continue to this day to use this HARTZ product. Main stores like Safeway, Walmart, QFC, EVEN EBAY is allowing it to be sold online. We need to get this off the store shelves. I doubt he’ll ever happens, and all I can say is we just continue to tell people that share the website I’ve shared. Every day there is a cat or kitten that gets sick or dies from this HARTZ product. Flea collars and liquid flea medicine is killing our cats. I intend to call the Silverdale store to see if they continue to use this and give. Them my nickels worth. My Kentucky kitty was a lucky survivor and lived to be 18 years old. But she never got over the rrauma this did to her. Everything we used a prescription of Advantage she twitched. Her name was “Yonder” and she passed of old age on June 10, 2010. I’m finding now that the flea meds called Advantage and Frontline are no longer working on my pets (dogs and cats). Then I find out that when you get from anywhere else besides the vet, the product is out of China. We no Longer use either of those products. Boycott, write do whatever you can to stop this product from being used in our country.

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