ragdoll 8 month old sick from hartz flea and tick drops

Last night I applied the cat Hartz flea and tick drops to my 8 month old ragdoll cat and she immediately started running around the house fast and bouncing off the walls, literally. I thought the drops may have burnt her so I got ahold of her and used Dawn dish detergent and washed the complete area and rinsed good (cats just love water!!) and today she has become very tired and has slept most of the day (unusual for this cat) and just got her second dawn shampoo and rinse to make sure I got it all off. Where I put it on her neck her hair got burned off to about half its normal length. she is eating and drinking and doing the potty business today not eating anywhere near as much as she normally does. does anyone know of anything else I can do? its late Friday night now and no vets are open and being in a small town the telephone book has no listing for an emergency weekend vet. im afraid of her dying with these drops may have damaged her liver or kidneys. she was expensive and the most lovey cat I have ever owned and it would kill me to have her die. and yes, I did check her weight before applying. and yes, I did use cat drops.

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  1. I would, if it were my cat take activated charcoal and water, mix and give by syringe to him to absorb any toxins like they do for drug overdoses

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