Almost killed my 2 kittens

I had bought Hartz flea shampoo for kittens because the 2 kittens age 8 weeks I found had flease. The instructions said leave product on for 10 minutes. I bathed the kittens and of curse they hated the water and was meowing. I used the shampoo and left then in the shower for the shampoo to sit on them. The kittens me owed loudly for about 5 minutes and then got quiet. I thought they just got use to being closed up in the shower. 5 minutes later I went to get them and they were barely moving and floppy cuddled up together. I yelled to my husband and he ran to help me. We got the shampoo off them as fast as we could then we got towels and were drying them off and rubbing them to get them heated back up. They were lethargic for about an hour as we had them warped in towels. I cried the whole time because I felt guilty not checking on them sooner and them suffering and almost dieing. Luckily after about an hour their temperature came back up and they started getting more energy. I almost lost 2 kittens from this product and I am sure people have lost pets because of Hartz. This company needs to be stopped.

One thought on “Almost killed my 2 kittens”

  1. I used a hartz flea collar on my 8 month old dog and he was walking around all clumsy and lost feeling in back legs .I immediately associated it with the collar and I removed it and about an hour later he was fine…

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