We used Hartz flea spray and spot treatment on our 14 yr old terrier mix about 4 weeks ago. He got around good, played with the kids and loved to eat!!! He started to become weak, especially his back legs, stopped eating and drinking and also layed around and didnt want to so anything. We ended up at emergency vet this weekend and he was in kidney failure, with his age the vet disnt think he could pull through this so today we had to say goodbye to him. If I knew that these products did this to other animals, i would have never purchased it. Do you know how hard it is when ur 4 yr old says” i dont want decter to die mom..

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  1. It is sickening that this is still going on. We lost our 2 year old cat, Princess, in the same fashion nearly 4 years ago after using a Hartz flea collar. Something is terribly wrong with a company that continues to inflict such harm on our innocent creatures in lieu of making a few bucks.

    1. It just does not make since to me that they can still sell these products after so many have lost furry friends. It literally makes me sick… And to know that I am the cause of my pets death is something i dont want anyone to go througj..

  2. My cat also died I balieve from Hartz shampoo. She was 16yrs old in great health she was a healthy eater drinker and went to the litter box regularly. Everyday she went up an dwn a flight of stairs with no issues. I even had her on special vetinary prescription food for years for her age. I used a small amount of this shampoo on her neck
    The very next day she did not eat or drink or come out of the room. The day after that she would not move only getting up to change position hitting the wall with her head and barely using her legs not eating or drinkng. . I had to force her to drink n by the 3rd day I had her at the vet getting fluids… she nvr came back to life after 3rd day she lay around not even being able to lift her head… with her eyes wide open she looked paralyzed I felt beyond bad and helpless. The vet said all of her organs were shutting dwn and there was nothing they can do. I had my 6 year old who was her best friend say goodbye and had to put her dwn. I felt horrible to know that this product was the demise of my animal. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH PESTICIDES THEY WILL KILL YOUR CAT

  3. So sorry for your loss Kristen. I know what you are going through. Dexter was a older dog but he was able to get around and he would eat and drink before we used these products. It literally makes me sick to think that we did this to him and what makes me more FURIOUS is that they keep selling these products after all the complaints and beloved animals that have had to suffer.

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