Beautiful 1-1/2 year old Chocolate Lab gone in 5 hours!!!

Our chocolate lab, Serenity, was only 1-1/2 old when something went horribly wrong.  At first we thought she might have ingested rat poison due to her sudden symptoms and how she died, but after researching on the internet I came across this web site and was shocked to see so many other sad stories that were very similar to mine.  What happened was we were awakened at 1:30 a.m. by my son who said the dog was crying in her sleep, went into a seizure and fell off the couch on to the floor.  When I first saw her she was lying on her side, breathing very shallow, and her eyes were open, but did not look focused.   I thought maybe she had had a grand mal seizure and was in a post ictal state so we sat near her and waited to see if she would come around.   She did start to come around, but she just did not look right.  Then she started having diarrhea with a little bit of blood in it, and she vomited twice (no blood in the vomit).  The diarrhea continued, but  it got to the point where there was just blood coming out.  After 4 hours of profuse rectal bleeding she collapsed on her side and started yelping.  We called our vet at about 6 am and he said he could meet us at his office in a half-hour.   Unfortunately, it was too late.  She just laid on her side and continued yelping for next 40 minutes

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  1. WHY didn’t you rush her to the ER vet asap instead of waiting around and letting her suffer for so long??! Shame on you. Hopefully you don’t treat your kids the same way.

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