Mac’s story

Via email from Callie:

Mac was a beautiful, healthy, happy male cat. He was 9 years old and had more energy than any kitten!
He spent most of his time outside which led to him contracting fleas.

We decided to use the Hartz flea and tick collar. Mac had his collar on for approximately 1 week. I noticed he seemed agitated and itchy so I removed the collar. When I removed it I noticed a gross chemical burn that was all the way around his neck. We tried to help the itch go away because we thought that was his problem, little to our knowledge there was much more going on.

Mac passed away today (December 12th,2014) due to kidney failure and failure of of his nervous system. I did some research and Tetrachlorovinphos, which is one of the chemicals in the collars, is actually known to attack the nervous system.

This needs to stop! I can’t imagine the pain my poor cat went through and it’s heartbreaking not being able to help your pets when they need it. Please people let’s stop this horrible product from harming others!

The picture attached is of the chemical burn once it finally started to heal. As you can see the chemical burn was layers and layers into his skin.


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  1. I am so sorry and I’m devastated. I lost my darling cat this morning. I can’t even begin to describe the pain he must have gone through. I wish I had known about the Hartz Flea and Tick collar before I put it on him. My poor baby suffered last night. First came the lethargy, then the barely eating and drinking and then howls before dying. Please don’t use this product on your cats.

  2. I bought this for my dogs earlier t oday, and before going to bed decided to look up the reviews to see if it worked or not, then i came to this site and saw all of these postings from everyones animals and immediately rushed my dogs into the bathroom and washed them down with Dawn hopping to get it off . These storesy are so sad, its so wrong, what they are doing to animals. D: sorry this happened to you.

  3. I Just purchased this product to use on my 3 year old cat this evening, After putting it on her for an hour, she was so oily and scratched at her neck to strangely that i decided to research if the Hartz med was toxic if ingested. As soon as I came across this website and read all the horrid facts I rushed to wash it off with dawn from head to toe and warm soapy water. I also put some baby powder on her head hoping to absorb the rest of the oil. Sadly she has a chemical burn on her head about an inch long and I’m praying that that is the worst of it…please people do not use this product!!!!

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