Another Hartz Victim :-(

From Jennifer via email:

December 8th, 2014

I was babysitting a kitten who had fleas. I have 3 older indoor cats of my own and I didn’t want them to be infested with fleas and since I was looking at 4 cats that I needed to treat, I was looking for something that I’ve used in the past and had no issues with. I hadn’t used the Hartz UltraGuard before, but I didn’t have another choice that was in stock. I grabbed two boxes and checked out (at Target). Upon arriving at home I held down the first cat, my beloved Goliath 🙁 He was first and the only one that had a reaction. I noticed that he became withdrawn and wouldn’t come near me. I thought, “it’s okay, he’s just mad that we are holding “Missy” as a temporary foster until the storm passes (an outside adoptee cat).

December 11th, 2014

As I sat on my couch getting ready for a conference call, Goliath came up to me and wanted to cuddle. I ran my hand down his head, past his neck, to his upper back…. and I stopped. That’s when I realized that HIS FUR WAS MISSING!!! OMG! I jumped up and ran him into the bathroom to take a closer look. I had left my phone in the living room and shouted for my son to get it for me to immediately start taking photos. Goliath wouldn’t let me touch his wound. It was red and sensitive. I grabbed my pain relief neosporin and tried to put it on his neck, but he kept trying to bite me (and that’s not like him to bite at all). Goliath is literally my gentle giant, but as soon as I tried to do anything with that spot on his neck, he absolutely refused and fought me. This I knew was painful for him 🙁 I felt absolutely helpless. I called our 24 hour vet and she said that I could give him a bath if he let me… so I tried. And it was another fight. A cone or bandage wouldn’t help him because it would have to touch his neck. But again, all I could really do is sit and wait and make sure that it didn’t blister.

Now that we are waiting for the update on how everything turns out, I have posted the attached photo to my social media to let others know what happens when you might say that it won’t happen to YOUR pets. This is absolutely real and heartbreaking for me and others (now that I have seen what the company fails to tell people). If I had known that this was going to happen, I would have taken the time to spend the $100+ for flea medication that wouldn’t harm my beloved animals.

goliath and hartz

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  1. I’m not trying to be critical but I didn’t have pets until the past 6 years and if there was one thing I thought was common knowledge was Hartz is grocery store garbage. NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT A GROCERY STORE, TARGET OR WALMART FOR YOUR PET OTHER THAN PET FOOD. I’ve just always known that Hartz was trash and if you EVER need ANYTHING for your pet that’s topical or ingestible, go see a vet. I can’t believe Hartz is still in business.

  2. I was trying to tell my own story that happened yesterday, June 6, 2015 to my 12 year old cat, Sunshine.
    I have 4 cats. Sunshine and Pepper are my oldest. They were sisters and were born in 2003. I actually saw them being born.
    I have never used flea collars, because most of the time, they have lived indoors.
    During the middle of the week, I was in WalMart and I picked up 4 flea collars. All 4 cats were staying outside, and they were scratching, so I bought 4 of the $3 Hartz flea collars, and paid with my debit card.
    I own a business, so I am working during the day, but usually come in each day around 6. I put all 4 collars on Wendsday. On Thursday morning and afternoon, the other cats came to eat both times, but Sunshine did not come either time. I found that odd, because Sunshine is usually the cat that is meowing about her food, and the first one to eat, not one time, but every time that she was alive.
    On Friday morning, I went to look for her and found her on the other side of my neighbors yard just staring. I had been yelling her name and I actually walked by her and did not see her. So, I immediately knew something was wrong. She was very disoriented, I brought her to my house and got her some water and food. I immediately took all 4 collars off all my cats and put them in a bag. I went to work and came back on Friday afternoon. Sunshine had walked up to the same spot she was before in my neighbors yard. I brought her back and she was still meowing, but it was a very faint meow that I had never heard before. I tried to keep her inside on a bed I had for her, but she wanted to go outside. I went to bed Friday night, and got up the next morning and went to look for her again. When I saw her, I was hoping for the best but she would not eat anything, as she had not over the past 2 days. I went back to the back of my property and dug her a grave, still hoping that what ever she was going thru would pass, and she would be alright. That afternoon, I went out and picked her up, and brought her inside, because I knew she was probably dying. Over the next 2 hours she did die with a heart attack or seizure claiming her life at the end. I videotaped her dying to have proof of what I went thru. It is something that I will never watch, but wanted it on file in case I decided to sue Hartz. The main thing that I regret is not doing the research on flea collars. I had no idea that a Hartz flea collar could kill a cat. I thought I was helping them by buying a flea collar. Watching a cat die is horrible, especially someone that has been part of your family for 12 years. UI also regret not taking her to a vet on Friday afternoon, but I thought that she was just feeling bad, and since I took the collar off she would get better, On Saturday, when she was starting to die, the local vets had already closed. It has been a horrible weekend. I keep trying to contact Hartz thru their facebook, but they delete my posts, and won’t return my message.

  3. I used hartz flea drops on nine of my cats & three died. I wrote to hartz & the better business bureau and got no answer. the flea drops is still the shelves nobody cares about animals what a world we live in

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