Chemical burn from Hartz flea collar

From Dannielle via email:

“My family & I have been battling fleas all summer. We tried frontline, vaccuming everyday, baths, combing… You name it we tried it. I came across the Hartz ultra guard flea collar & said what the heck I’ll give it try (unaware of the dangers) I didn’t even think it would work. I have 3 cats & put the flea collars on all 3.. They had them on for a couple of weeks & I even brushed them out Sunday November 9th. Everything looked okay and normal, until Wednesday November 12, 2014. I woke up and it was a busy morning I was running to go get something out of my sons room when I looked down at my precious Siamese and seen red under his collar! I immediately took the flea collar off… And under neath was a big chemical burn on his neck!!!! I am so furious this product hasn’t been recalled. I am about at my wits end with fleas & this just tops it off. Thankfully my Siamese seems to be ok & I am taking care of his wound! I feel so sorry for the victims who have lost there animals. I hope something can be done about these Hartz products!”


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  1. I’m 61 yrs old, and have always had cats in my life. In Iowa fleas are seasonal, and I’ve always had the best luck with just the flea collars–with no bad side-effects. And I believe most of them were Hartz brand. I have tried the vet’s shots also, but one of my cats is allergic to flea bites. I think for the shot to work on fleas they need to bite. Something must have changed with the collars this year, because they didn’t work anymore. Both my cats got a bad flea infestation. I live in a small town, and the only thing I could find in a hurry was the Purrscription Plus drops. I put it on both cats on Aug 8th. One cat is 16 yrs, the other is 7. A few days later they both were still digging and scratching. And I found the chemical burn just like your picture on old Smokey. I tried to wash him off and put ointmnent on it. It wasn’t as severe as yours, but still raw and bloody-scabby like that. And just to add to the misery—they both STILL have fleas!! I have been brushing them outside and am still finding the tell-tale flea dirt. I just brushed a live one from young Ralphie!! I can’t do any more for them at this point other than a trip to the vet! I’m not even sure what my vet can do now. I am so upset that I used what were supposedly trusted products on my little BFF’s! Their routine visit isn’t until October, but I will go next week. With my “tail between my legs” to admit to a mistake on my part. Never again tho!!

  2. The hartz ultra guard flea drops left my kitty with a quarter sized chemical burn between her shoulders. This is not ok, and this product should not be sold. As a result, I have a $200 vet bill. And of course hartz will not pay for it. Theyde be bankrupt if they paid the medical bills for all these poor burned pets

  3. Both my cats are brothers i also bought these colars that were suppose to kill fleas and ticks but instead it was killing my cats. After 3 days of being on them for some reason i checked to see if they were to tight or loose. Thank god they were loose!!!!!! When i slid it up to check i noticed on both cats that their hair was falling out where the colar was. I immediately took them off. I noticed they slept alot more when i put them on the cats i figured it was cuz they werent getting bit. Wich was also not happening. I used a lice come and exactley where the colar was their were fleas and im thinking it was flea poop. So it did nothing but hurt my kittys. HARTZ SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE !!!!!!!! Their not just cats their family

  4. My sweet baby has chemical burns that have turned into open wounds around his neck, I have no idea what to do. Should I take him to the vet? Should I see if it’ll heal with some Neosporin and frequent cleaning? Someone help. I’m at a loss for words right now.. I have no clue what to do. And my sweet baby won’t leave them alone. He’s acting fine, he’s eating and drinking and being his normal self..

  5. I wish i had of seen this sooner. I bought one back in september for my 3 cats and my youngest is now stuck with a burn/allergy covering his neck and parts of his face. Hes been into the vet and it started to heal then he started to dig at it again. Im gonna be paying a hefty chunk in vet bills because of this stupid collar. NEVER AGAIN!

  6. OMag my poor cat from this Hartz collar- chemical burn plus she is itching tye apot n making them bleed

    235 dollar dollar visit for antibiotic shot
    topical cream
    steriod shot

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